A New Forum Approaches

The forum software Discourse which is the one I initially wanted was unavailable when I set up the current forum. But now it’s finally on the market. I’ll be switching to this new forum software which has the similar “flow-y” approach the current one does but less buggy. Some big stuff is in the works behind-the-scenes lately and I would like to start getting discussions going again.

Anyway, hope to see you guys in the new forums soon!

EDIT: We’re still setting up the new forum but you can check it out here at our new domain! http://forum.solestgames.com/

Feel free to sign up and start posting! Can’t wait to get discussions going again.

Robin Williams and Depression

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Our new forum is live!

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World Remade (aka Project Kobold) is here!

Our entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest! We hope you’re ready to return to the land of Solest, because the first release of World Remade is waiting for you!  In the last month, Team Solest has been working like crazy to finish and polish this game and we’re quite pleased with the results. Here’s a… Continue Reading