World Remade (aka Project Kobold) is here!

Our entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest!

We hope you’re ready to return to the land of Solest, because the first release of World Remade is waiting for you! 

In the last month, Team Solest has been working like crazy to finish and polish this game and we’re quite pleased with the results. Here’s a list of features cause I know you guys just GOTTA have your feature lists! :P 

-A new battle system that’s far beyond anything we’ve attempted before! No MP. No Items. Combo Attacks! The AP System is easy to use and rewards experimentation! 
-Witness the immediate aftermath of the Rain of Fire, the most devastating event in the history of Solest that will still have ramifications hundreds of years later in Master of the Wind. Meet the odd couple pairing of Rustek the kobold paladin and Taraja the shadow mage…along with a surprise guest! 
-Characters are represented on screen with custom sprites by Sixty and beautiful full profiles by Enkur! 
-A new original score from Joel Steudler, the composer of Labyrinthine Dreams

We hope you guys love this game, and if you do, please remember to support us during the judging of the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest! There will be a People’s Choice Award and we need your votes! Tell your friends! 

Although there are a lot of fights in this game, the majority of them can be skipped! Can you fight the minimum amount of encounters, open NO treasures and still defeat the last boss? We’ve tested it, so we know it’s possible. Anyone who successfully completes a “speed run” will get a mention on our page! Also, pics or it didn’t happen. Specifically, a screenshot of the fairy before the boss giving you the statistics for your playthrough. 

Peace, bros! Enjoy World Remade!

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