The Bechdel Test and Solest Games

The brainchild of Alison Bechdel, this test evaluates the depiction of women in a work of fiction with a simple three-step questionnaire.

1. Are there at least two women characters?
2. Do they talk to each other?
3. Do they talk about something besides a man?

It sounds easy, but a lot of stories out there don’t pass. For fun, let’s quickly go through the ten Best Picture nominees for the last Oscars.

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Why Kobold is going to BLOW YOUR FRICKIN’ MIND

Hopefully if you’re reading this you’re already registered on the forum. If not then you should go do that and make sure to send me an email at After doing that I’ll set you up so you can view the forum and participate in the discussions. Anyway here’s a several reasons why our nextContinue ReadingContinue Reading

X-Noir On Steam

Is it worth putting X-Noir on the new RPG Maker Workshop? Learn about my concerns and join the discussion on the forums HERE

The Quarry – Part 3: The Gems

The Quarry is a three-part article about the roots of every game maker – early, unfinished projects – and rediscovering their scattered pieces of unused potential. I’m sorry for the huge delay between part 2 and part 3. I didn’t want to Interrupt the blog posts on the early preparations for Projects Kobold. But well, here we goContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Happy Birthday, ArtBane!

Happy Birthday, ArtBane!

‘Tis true. ArtBane has completed another year of existence on this land called Earth. Hopefully he celebrates with some quality tea or by working on a dungeon that will surely blow minds everywhere. Wish him a happy birthday in the comments section! Or wait until Saturday and do so while watching our stream of X-NoirContinue Reading