Kickstarter Anniversary – Upcoming Sale!

One year ago today, our Kickstarter for Labyrinthine Dreams was successfully funded. We went into that with a lot of uncertainty but thanks to our great crew of backers, we made it over the finish line and had our tiny $6,000 budget. It was a triumphant moment that can still give a warm and fuzzy feeling when we think about it. Even though the game was small and designed so that we could realistically give it a major overhaul, we still underestimated the amount of work involved to pull that off. Possible release dates came and went, but eventually we were rewarded for our perseverance with gorgeous art and a beautiful original soundtrack.
We were hoping to have a 50% off sale on the game on Steam to commemorate the occasion, but we weren’t able to get it through the chain of command in time. We’ll let you know when the sale is in effect, so stay tuned!

Robin Williams and Depression

This is not typical subject matter for these blog entries and it’s not easy for me to write. I wondered if I should write anything at all…this is way too personal to put on Facebook and I don’t feel comfortable putting it on my other, entertainment-centered blog despite the obvious connection. But I’ve gotta get it outContinue Reading

Our new forum is live!

Time to kiss web 1.0 goodbye! The old forums has been running since around 2007. And while it did have some facelifts over the years, it got harder and harder to maintain. Low activity and constant spammers forced me to close registration. The forum has been basically dead for years. But I want a placeContinue Reading

World Remade (aka Project Kobold) is here!

Our entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest! We hope you’re ready to return to the land of Solest, because the first release of World Remade is waiting for you!  In the last month, Team Solest has been working like crazy to finish and polish this game and we’re quite pleased with the results. Here’s aContinue Reading

Calling All Testers!

Just a week left until the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest deadline! We’ll be crunching to get the first chapter of Kobold done in time, but to do that we’re going to need some help! I’m hoping to have a test build of the game ready near the end of the week. I’ll need testers toContinue Reading