Calling All Tropers!

TVTropes is a highly entertaining and addictive wiki where contributors break down and study the fundamentals of fiction. Master of the Wind has benefited a great deal from having its own page there. Over the years, users added a ton of trope examples, breaking down the game is amazing detail. We’ve also had a great many players discover the game on that site and then participate on our forum.

So I figured it was about time for Labyrinthine Dreams to get the same treatment. But it’s no fun to take this on all by yourself. I’ve written an informal summary of the game (TVTropes likes informal) and added a couple tropes to start us off. However, there are thousands upon thousands of tropes identified there and I’m sure LD fits into more than I’ve come up with so far. If you check the page out and feel like I’ve forgotten some important ones, go ahead and add them! Could be a fun little community activity.

Here’s the page if you want to get started. Happy editing!

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  1. The spam filter seems to have eaten my original comment, probably because I tried to put links to TV Tropes into it… Well, at least it’s good to know it works.

    Although I’m not much of an expert on tropes, I thought I’d suggest these:
    – Adventures In Comaland (The entire game)
    – You Are Not Alone (Artie)
    – Hard Work Fallacy (Beth’s father – inversed)
    – American Dream (Beth’s father – inversed).

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