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It’s Friday again! What time is it? Time to post a comment, duh!

We have some exciting new LD art and X-Noir screens that we can share. But instead I’ll share this tidbit of information because I’m not good at sitting on big announcements! Volrath and I have already started discussing plans for our next project. And it’s going to be in the Solest Universe!

Without revealing too much details, it’s going to take place right after the Rain of Fire. Before you get too excited, Stoic won’t be the focal character but he might make an appearance. The plans will be for it to be our next commercial venture and span around 5-10 hours in duration. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more details with you shortly! Feel free to speculate.

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  1. NeverSilent says:

    More great news! Really, this is awesome! Can you reveal what type of game it is going to be, if it already has a title, who will be the main characters etc.?
    Considering the game’s setting, the atmosphere is likely going to be quite sad. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, and the time after the Rain of Fire is a very intriguing part of Solest’s history we don’t know that much about yet. (Hopefully Enkur doesn’t decide to show up and walk all over the main characters…)
    Anyway, it’s great to see you decided to revisit the world of Solest once more. Good luck with this project and please keep us up to date.

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