Project Kobold Exclusive Pass

Project Kobold Exclusive Pass

While Project Kobold won’t have a kickstarter, I’ve been thinking about ways to offer people incentives while also raising income for the game. One idea was an exclusive pass that would allow people access to a section of the blog and forum dedicated to the production of project Kobold. It would have the following:

  • Regular updates on the production of project kobold
  • Project Kobold forum access where you can provide input on the game
  • Early beta build access
  • The full version of the game when it’s done along with OST
  • … and more extras!

If we priced this at around $15 do you think any of you would be interested? Please leave a comment.

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  1. I like this idea, although I think at least part of the updates should be available publicly for those who didn’t or couldn’t donate. $15 is quite something, but I know it would be more than worth every single cent. So, yes, I would totally be willing to pay that.

  2. I fully support this! While I must admit that I do not frequent this website too much, I’m excited at the fact that you’re diving into the world of Solest again, and would love to support you guys in this way.

    I’m sure you guys will also make some kind of “promise of dedication”. For example, on top of the regular progress updates, you probably would also have something like a schedule or milestones with specific deadlines to ensure your fans understand your intention to complete it.

    If you guys do decide to pursue this, I wouldn’t mind if you sent me an e-mail notifying that it is available. Otherwise, I can just stumble upon it the next time I visit.

    Good luck!! =)

  3. Cool maybe I can get something preliminary started for you guys. But I think we need at least 10-15 people to make it worth the time and effort. If you could help us get more people onboard that would be a great help.

  4. $15 is a pretty big amount; I’ll advertise it for sure though. Fans of MoTW will probably pitch in the money, but as for people completely who don’t know it, it might be a bit much without enough marketing and advertising.

    • It was just a proposed amount. I’d probably have it so people could set the amount they wanted to pay. Right now it’s free of course since we don’t have much to offer besides preliminary details. But it’s more exciting to join now while things can still be changed based on your feedback.

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