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Project Kobold is still in the early planning stages. I’m interested in hearing what MotW fans are hoping to see from the game. I know personally I’m aiming for the game to have more customization in party and skills and also to allow backtracking to previous areas which was much requested in MotW. Leave a comment with what you’d like to see in Project Kobold although I can’t promise it will make it in the game.

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  1. What you’ve written sounds pretty good to me so far. And you probably know my priorities by now: Story, interesting characters, challenging puzzles and minigames, and of course more story. To combine it with the gameplay however, maybe it would be an idea to make some optional sidequests that also add to the respective characters’ characterization? (A bit like Turnus’ BBQ in Master of the Wind, but this time playable and divided into smaller portions.)

    • Thanks for the comment as usual NS. Sidequests were also much requested so we’ll be looking to add those too. There will probably be at least a character specific sidequest per party member. Right now we’re looking at having at least 6 party members to choose from with Rustek locked in sort of like Chrono Trigger.

  2. Having just finished Master of the Wind (which was awesome btw) I think what might be cool is a character selection menu, if we’re going to get more than 4 main characters, and the ability to freely choose them.

    I’d also like some diversity of characters. We saw a lot of non-human characters play a role in the story, but aside from a skeleton, a few vampires, and (incidentally) a kobold, we played with a lot of humans. And two of them used to be human in fact. If this is going to be played around the Rain of Fire aftermath, it should offer perspective of characters like goblins, minotaurs, dwarves, elves and maybe half-elves. Or other races that are half-and-half (sort of like the romance between a human and a minotaur in MotW).

    I also want to see and use magic from the other schools. We saw a good deal of it in Shroud’s wind magic, and a bit from Laurel’s light and a variety by Auburn (mostly fire). But all the others like water and ice were used against us and could only be used in lesser variety skills (like Shroud’s ice wind spell and Baron’s elemental bullets). Perhaps we could also get an Ice elemental as a party member? You know, before they too were extinct? Or is that too late?

    • Hi Kishou and thanks for your comment!

      Some sort of character selection UI will be a given. I think you’ll also be happy with the diversity in characters. We already decided on the different races and genders and it’s much more mixed than in previous games. Including a half breed. More varietal in magic and weapons will also come with the territory.

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