Project Kobold

Our new project codenamed project Kobold is underway. And by that I mean there’s a folder on dropbox with a few dungeons and puzzles that I’ve been putting together the last few days.

Here are preliminary details on project Kobold from Volrath (I hope he won’t mind me sharing them):

During the chaos of the Rain of Fire, Rustek Konne meets a young sorceress, probably under circumstances very similar to how Stoic met his friends at that time. Rustek is an older kobold and has more of a stake in the old world than his companion does. She didn’t have the best life before the Rain of Fire and actually sees it as an opportunity to start over.

Rustek insists on trying to make it back to his hometown after the Rain, in particular his church, which holds great meaning for him as a Paladin. His companion knows this is futile but eventually realizes that he has to see it for himself before he will be convinced.

Details are subject to change but I think we already have the spirit of the project down. We’re still fleshing out the world and the story and the different locations. We’ll be working more in tandem with our artists and musicians this time around so that the game can be finished in a timely manner instead of having a completed demo and then having to wait months on assets.

So what do you guys think? Are you excited to return to Solest with this new character and setting?

2 Responses to Project Kobold

  1. I’m going to assume “Are you excited to return to Solest with this new character and setting?” is a rhetorical question.
    Seriously though, this all sounds very fascinating to me. Finally, a kobold is going to be the main character. And doesn’t that name sound familiar… I’m going to assume Rustek is one of Britsus’ ancestors. The other character is interesting as well. Seeing a catastrophic event like the Rain of Fire as a chance to start a new life – that’s a point of view I hadn’t thought about yet.
    If there is any way for the community to help making this game happen, even if it’s just by beta-testing it, I’d be glad to do so.
    Thank you for making the world of Solest come to life once more.

  2. Details have changed even since I wrote that little blurb. Rustek was in the midst of a faith pilgrimage when the Rain of Fire hit and now that he’s unable to return to his home for the time being, is determined to finish it despite the likelihood that the church he wants to visit didn’t survive.

    We’re thinking six playable characters, one of which is a dragoon (this is before their extinction, after all) and another who will be familiar to those who know Solest lore.

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